Why Stainless Steel

Why Stainless Steel — Stainless Steel is wonderful because it doesn't tarnish or stain and best of all it's hypo-allergenic because it's free of metals most people are allergic too such as Nickel for instance. Do you get a red itchy rash every time you wear jewelry? Well that's Nickel. Do you put on earrings and your ear lobes swell up twice the size that's also a Nickel reaction. All Bead Dangle Design earrings have stainless steel lever backs or stud earrings are available. You will be able to wear them all day without even knowing you have them on.

Stainless Steel is also very easy to clean. You can even try cleaning it in your dishwasher. I tell my customers all the time, if your house caught on fire my chain would be left with your pots and pans & your iron. The only time you may have to clean your stainless steel chain is if you get lotions or perfumes from your body on them. My chains are not only made of stainless steel chain but also include stainless steel clasp and jump rings. Beaded Pendant Attachment is included and made of solid pewter.

Bead Dangle Design uses stainless steel because it is sturdy enough to attach my beaded pendants too without worry of breaking. Stainless steel is very difficult to work with because it is so strong but it's worth it for me to use it because it doesn't tarnish nor does it bother people who are allergic to nickel and other metals.

If you've never worn stainless steel jewelry you may want to start right now. My necklaces are forever pieces that will be a welcome addition to your jewelry collection.

Start your collection of attachable beaded pendants and you'll see how you can wear a different necklace everyday. For all these reasons this is why stainless steel.