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About Me

Bead Dangle Design has been in business for 3 years. I started making Jewelry when my mother got very sick. My father gave me all my mother's beads when they moved to assisted living. I was looking at all of the beads... got inspired and taught myself how to wire jewelry with the help of a good friend. I worked very hard trying to design a piece of Jewelry that women could have fun with & that's how my Interchangeable Pendants came about. I tested them, wore them for a long time & eventually started selling them. 3 years later I'm still creating them and couldn't be happier.
My mother was my inspiration and although not here to help me physically she's here in her spirit guiding me every step of the way.
Thank you for taking the time to know more about me. I hope you love my Jewelry as much as I love creating it for you.
Have A Beautiful Day
Laura D.
Bead Dangle Design