How Do You Clean Jewelry

How Do You Clean Jewelry — Do you put your Jewelry in liquid cleaners? I have found Jewelry Cloths that make your Jewelry look like Brand New! I've taken a before and after pictures of a pair of earrings to show you. Jewelry Cleaners even though they say they are gentle can really cause damage to your delicate Jewelry. Unless your Jewelry is 14K Gold or a fine Sterling Silver.
Look at the difference with just the wipe of a cloth. When I find something that works great I love to share it with everyone. These cloths are little but very mighty. I have just received a shipment of these Jewelry Cloths and I will be putting one in with every new order. If you come to see me at one of my shows feel free to ask me more about them and i'd be happy to let you try them. Bring me some of your old jewelry and we can clean it together. If you'd like more info on where to get your own Jewelry Cloth just click here.
Jewelry cloths are not very large but very effective. The picture below shows just how effective they are. Bead Dangle Design used Stainless Steel Chains which rarely need to be cleaned but Tibetan Pewter beads are also used and they may need to be wiped every now and again with these clothes or any Micro-Fiber Polishing Cloth click here to view. I wish I could sell these cloths on my website but the only thing I can do is share the link with you so you can keep your jewelry looking beautiful and possibly clean old jewelry you haven't worn because it's just so dirty and tarnished. Bring your jewelry back to life. I'm glad I could share with you my little info on how do you clean jewelry