Mosaic Pearl Pendants

Mosaic Pearl Pendants

Mosaic Pearl Pendants are created with tiny Micro-Pearls & Swarovski Crystals. Many of these Pendants are smaller, they look great on 18-Inch chunky chain. The chunky chain is great because it's all stainless steel, there is an "O Ring" which has a little hinge which is how you put the necklace on or take off. The "O Ring" is also used to attach your Pendant so you never have a clasp circling around your neck. When worn with a Pendant attached the "O Ring" stays centered on the neck, when worn without a Pendant the "O Ring" travels a little to the right of your neck which I kind of like, it gives the necklace a little personality.

Below are some new Pendants I've just created plus a variety of smaller Pendants to also view.

"O Ring" Thick Stainless Steel Chain

Swirl Mosaic Crystal Heart Pendant

Swirl Mosaic Pearl Crystal Pendant

Swarovski Mosaic Pearl Crystal Pendant

Handmade Mosaic Pearl Pendant Necklace

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