Brand New Beads Coming Soon!

Brand New Beads Coming Soon!

View some Brand New Beads I've ordered for future Pendants, Earrings and Bracelets. Some of these Beads come from France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, India, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, and Portugal. It may take a week or longer for me to receive these Beads so if you see something you like just keep checking up-coming emails.

If you've seen beads you love in this Blog and they are no longer there that means I received them and they are being created into beautiful creations.




  • Jeanne Turcotte

    I love all of these! I can’t wait!

  • Tammy Trochsler

    I was at the Aqua Turf Craft Fair on 11/27/22 and I met Laura the owner and maker of this gorgeous jewelry. She is such a caring, talented and beautiful soul. I enjoyed spending time with her and learning about her and her amazing gift of making this beautiful jewelry. I bought a necklace and three pieces to go with it. I love this jewelry! To love what you do and to put a smile on people’s faces and enjoy helping people feel good wearing it is a gift. Thank you Laura!

  • Judy

    So beautiful!

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