Unique Beaded Jewelry Designs

Unique Beaded Jewelry Designs — Simply pick out your Beaded Pendant. Attach your pendant to available Stainless Steel or Leather chains or use your own chain by purchasing a pendant attachment. Once your Beaded Pendant is in place it won't move until you take it out.
Bead Dangle Design has been creating Unique Beaded Jewelry Designs since 2013. Impeccably made with Gemstones, Crystals, Pearl and Handmade Beads. Handmade beads are purchased from all over the world including Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain are just a few. Visit Bead Dangle Design to see for yourself how a beautiful handmade bead can become a versatile, durable piece of jewelry to add to your collection of jewels.
In photo below you can see just how simple it is to attach your Beaded Pendant to many available chains. You may also view video which shows you how simple it is to attach. Once in place it's not moving until you take it out. If you have a beautiful chain already simply purchase Pendant Attachment. My Pendant Attachment slides right onto your own chain making it a one of kind piece of jewelry by simply adding one of my Beaded Pendants. Pendants are available in many styles from Cluster Pendants to Long Chain Pendants.
You will absolutely love what your beautiful chain can become with just the change of any Beaded Pendant. Made of Stainless Steel, Tibetan Pewter, Gemstones, Crystals, Pearls and Handmade Glass Beads. I guarantee you will receive many compliments once you put this Beaded Pendant Necklace on with one of your beautiful outfits. If this is your first purchase from Bead Dangle Design please see 15% OFF coupon available for First Time Buyers. Enjoy viewing Unique Beaded Jewelry Designs.

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