Unique Long Boho Beaded Necklaces

All Bead Dangle Design's Pendants are created by hand. Each Pendant is Unique and one of a kind. 

The "GREAT" and "Unique" beauty of Bead Dangle Design Jewelry is that all my Pendants are "Interchangeable." Pick out either a Stainless Steel Chain or a Leather Chain to attach your Pendant. Start with a Pendant you absolutely love whether it be the Pendant that goes with everything or choose a very unique, different Pendant that will go with that special outfit. You have so many options. See video below to see products in my own hands. I make videos every week of all new products I've made during the week. I understand how hard it is to buy jewelry online so I try to give you the best visual possible. 

Start your collection today!

Some Pendants are made with Lampwork Glass, some are Polymer Clay, Porcelain, Ceramic, Coppper are just a few. Check in randomly to see what has been created and wait for the perfect Pendant for you to be created.


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