Swarovski Crystal Beaded Pendants

Swarovski Crystal Beaded Pendants are available at Bead Dangle Design. Multi-Color Swarovski Crystal Pendants are Handmade with Stainless Steel Wire. Stainless Steel is used because it is non-tarnishing, hypo-allergenic, extremely strong and rarely needs to be cleaned. Below are a variety of Beaded Pendants that have been created with Swarovski Crystals and a variety of Tibetan Pewter beads.

What's wonderful about these Swarovski Crystal Beaded Pendants is they are all "Interchangeable" you can attach any of these Beaded Pendants to available Stainless Steel or Leather Chains. Once attached your Beaded Pendant will stay in place until you replace it with any of your other Beaded Pendants. Enjoy changing your necklace completely everyday with a variety of Beaded Pendants. Bead Dangle Design offers a wide variety of shapes, styles & colors.

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