Fresh Water Pearl Cluster Pendants

All Bead Dangle Pendants are Interchangeable. One Chain so many beautiful options.

Different colored Fresh Water Pearl Cluster Pendants are available at Bead Dangle Design in a variety of colors. All Fresh Water Pearl Pendants are created using Stainless Steel, Rhodium Plated accent beads, Swarovski Crystals and more.

I've received a huge variety of different colored and shaped Fresh Water Pearls that I will be designing into cluster Pendants. Easily attach any one of these Pendants to your Chain choice. You will love the versatility and complete ease of wearing my Pendant Necklaces. I've been designing and creating Interchangeable Pendants for over 6 years. I'm always making them, wearing them and selling them to the women that love Unique Beaded Jewelry.


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