Custom Made Jewelry

Laura DelVecchio

Custom Made Jewelry — Below is a picture of a Bracelet and Earrings that a customer already had, she asked me to make her a matching Beaded Pendant to complete her set. I was more than happy to do it for her. 

My Beaded Pendants are Interchangeable. See Video Here. 

If you have old jewelry sitting in your jewelry box possibly a necklace from your mother or grandmother that you keep because of it's sentimental value that you never wear. No worries I can make it wearable for you. I can take it apart, clean it and recreate it into an Interchangeable Beaded Pendant you will love. Custom made jewelry is wonderful because it still includes all of the beads or gemstones that make it special.

When I started my business I had boxes of old beads and gemstones that were passed down to me from my dear mother. She made jewelry back in the day because that's what they did back then if they were able. When she passed I took all of those beads, cleaned them and made beautiful beaded pendants with them. I had those pendants on the website in a collection called the "Heaven Sent Collection" since then all those beaded pendants are being worn by the beautiful people who bought them. I still have a lot of beads from my mothers beads and every pendant I make has at least one of her beads in it. It makes me feel good to know that she is a part of what I do. She has been my inspiration for this whole business. I know she's with me at every show. That's just a little story I wanted to share with you because I know how much old jewelry means to so many of us.

Just send me an email and we can start the process. I always try to respond that day. you and contact me with this Contact Form.

There's nothing better than jewelry that has been made from the heart. This is why you will love my Custom Made Jewelry.



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