Cleaning Tarnished Jewelry

Cleaning Tarnished Jewelry — Cleaning Your Jewelry. Do you put your Jewelry in liquid cleaners? Never put Beaded Pendants or Stainless Steel Chains in jewelry cleaner. I have found Jewelry Cloths that make your Jewelry look like Brand New! I've taken a before and after pictures of a pair of earrings to show you. Jewelry cleaners even though they say they are gentle can really cause damage to your delicate Jewelry. Unless your jewelry is 14K Gold or a fine Sterling Silver.

Look at the difference in the pic below. It's amazing the before and after picture. If you'd like more info on where to get your own Jewelry Cloths this link will take you to the website to get your own. Click here to purchase your own jewelry cloths.

No one wants to ruin there Jewelry while cleaning it. Stainless Steel doesn't really even need to be cleaned. It's Non-Tarnishing but if you need to remove lotions or perfumes these Jewelry cloths work wonderful as well as many Jewelry cloths available on the internet. Cleaning your jewelry is so simple when all you have to do is wipe it. These 2x2 inch polishing cloths are available at ArtBeads it's a website I use often and I wanted to share with you the ease of these cloths. They aren't expensive and they really last a long time. Not only do they clean jewelry but so many other metals. They may be small but they pack a punch on your jewelry. My jewelry is made with Antique Pewter which doesn't really need to be cleaned it actually gets better with age as for color. Sterling Silver is known to tarnish so you may want to try these polishing cloths for any Sterling Silver. I hope you enjoy Cleaning Tarnished Jewelry.




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