Before and After Handmade Pendants

Laura DelVecchio

Before and After Jewelry Pictures. I take Beautiful Beads and recreate them into Beautiful Interchangeable Pendants. Gorgeous Handmade Glass Beads purchased by artists all over the world transformed into Beautiful Interchangeable Beaded Pendants or as I call them Dangles. Purchase Pendant Attachment piece to put on your own chain or take a look at the collection of Stainless Steel Chains available. There are 16" Leather Chokers with 2" extenders added for perfect length or you can purchase 18" or 28" Stainless Steel non-tarnishing, hypo-allergenic Chains. Before and After Jewelry photos show you what the beads I purchase look like when I get them and then what they look like after I get my hands on them. Making Jewelry that is Interchangeable for Women is my passion. I've always wanted to create easy, versatile Jewelry that can be customized to any outfit you decide to wear. Start your Collection of Beaded Pendants and add these Unique One of a kind beaded Pendants to your Jewelry Collection.

All of my Beaded Pendants are created with Pearls, Crystals, Gemstones, Handmade Beads, Pewter and Stainless Steel. I've chosen to use Stainless Steel because of its durability plus Stainless Steel is Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Tarnishing and beautiful. I tell my customers all of the time if your house caught on fire my chains would be left with your pots and pans and your iron. Stainless Steel is so durable and strong, it doesn't contain metals that usually bother people like nickel. Most people who think they are allergic to Jewelry are usually allergic to Nickel but Stainless Steel is free of Nickel and other alloys that could possibly bother you. Below are some pictures of beads purchased and what they turn into. Enjoy viewing my Before and After Jewelry Pictures.


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