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I'm a graphic designer by trade so designing my website was more fun than anything and if you visit my site often you'll find I'm always changing things up a bit. So don't be surprised if it looks different every time you stop by "Oh and thank you for stopping by."

My jewelry making really started after I lost my mom sorry to say. After losing her my Dad gave me all her boxes of beads that she had. My mom used to make all her own jewelry, not to sell but just for herself. My fondest memories are watching my mother sew all her clothes but most of all watching her make her own jewelry. Mom didn't use stainless steel wire like I do she loved using string and seed beads to make her jewelry but I love wire wrapping so I self taught myself years ago.

The answer to that question is... when I was a little girl my favorite piece of jewelry was my interchangeable watch. I loved the way you could change the wrist band and the outline colors of the watch face. "Such a cool idea." With that watch in mind I thought to myself how can I create a necklace that interchanges giving women the versatility to own one chain and input different Pendants??? Hmmm.... took me a while to get my necklace idea to work, there were many obstacles but I finally figured it out. "Yay" I started making my Pendants for myself. I work at a restaurant so I wore the necklace to work. A very busy Italian restaurant by the way where you are running yourself around like crazy bending over, reaching and of course serving. I was petrified that the Pendant would fall out and land in someone's food but that never happened. My Pendants stayed in place never even moved. So from that day on when I realized they stayed in place I started making my necklaces to sell. I designed my website and for the past 5 years, yes 5 years I've been making my Pendants.

I can't tell you how making these little Pendants has changed my life. The website is the hardest part but creating the Pendants is the most fun. I always tell my sons "by the way I have 2 they are both in college" that if you can find something you love to do it will never be a job and that is so true.

I realize how hard it is to purchase jewelry online. I know you all love to see and touch the jewelry in person so I try to design and create the best pictures I possibly can. I do have a video on my website which you can view right here SEE VIDEO so you can get an idea of the size and quality of my work. I will say that most people who do order my jewelry online have said it is much prettier in person so if you love the way it looks online I can assure you will love it even more when you receive your purchase from me. I make the Pendants, I design and create my own photos, I do it all and I absolutely love doing it. Don't hesitate to purchase you have 14 days to return it no questions asked if you're not 100% thrilled with your purchase.

Below are some pictures of me and my crazy little family :)

Laura D.

My two favorite people in the whole world. My boys Johnny & Ray

The love of my life for 24 years

Thanks to this furry friend I get away from my jewelry table to play with those two balls. Well he has like 10 of them. This is my Theo my best buddy.


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