Interchangeble Beaded Necklaces

Interchangeable Beaded Necklaces — Simply pick out a chain, slide bar on Beaded Pendant through circular Pewter Toggle. Once inserted your Beaded Pendant will stay in place until you take it out. Mix and Match your Beaded Pendants. Many Beaded Pendants are available.


Stainless Steel Chains are available in different lengths and styles. Stainless Steel is non-tarnishing, hypo-allergenic, easy to clean and very durable. There are three chains to choose from in 18" or 28" inch lengths.

If you have a chain you love feel free to purchase a Pendant Attachment to slide onto your own chain.

Each Beaded Pendant is one of a kind. The Beaded Pendant you pick was made for you. Pendants are made with fine gemstones, pearls, crystals, pewter & glass beads. All stainless steel components are used to make each Beaded Pendant. Enjoy your Bead Dangle Design Necklace. Own one chain that becomes so many necklaces.

My interchangeable beaded necklaces are made with the finest quality gemstones, chains, pearls, crystals and handmade beads. I purchase beads from handmade artists all over the world from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Brazil. I support handmade with all my heart. Why would you buy from a department store when you can purchase from a handmade artist who made the jewelry with love. I hand wire and create with the utmost of care. I am meticulous with the look and feel of the jewelry. Each piece is made to be a forever piece of jewelry you will always love. You can always change the look and style of your chain buy purchasing from a variety of different styles beaded pendants. There are cluster pendants, chain pendants and simple pendants. My styles are constantly changing because I'm always purchasing a variety of different beads. I hope you decide to purchase and enjoy one of my Interchangeable Beaded Necklaces.


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