Interchangeble Beaded Necklaces

My Interchangeable Beaded Necklaces are made with the finest quality gemstones, chains, pearls, crystals and handmade beads. I purchase beads from handmade artists all over the world from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Brazil. I support handmade with all my heart. Why would you buy from a department store when you can purchase from a handmade artist who made the jewelry with love. I hand wire and create with the utmost of care. I am meticulous with the look and feel of the jewelry. Each piece is made to be a forever piece of jewelry you will always love. You can always change the look and style of your chain buy purchasing from a variety of different styles beaded pendants. There are cluster pendants, chain pendants and simple pendants. My styles are constantly changing because I'm always purchasing a variety of different beads. I hope you decide to purchase and enjoy one of my Interchangeable Beaded Necklaces.


Each Beaded Pendant is one of a kind. The Beaded Pendant you pick was made for you. Pendants are made with fine gemstones, pearls, crystals, pewter & glass beads. All stainless steel components are used to make each Beaded Pendant. Enjoy your Bead Dangle Design Necklace. Own one chain that transforms into many necklaces.


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