Refurbish Old Jewelry Into Beautiful Jewelry

Refurbish Old Jewelry to New. Do you have some of your Mother or grandmothers Jewelry in your Jewelry Box just starring at you? It's not your style or it's just plain ugly? Send your Jewelry to me and I can re-make it into a pendant you can wear. I'll take it apart, clean it and create a beautiful pendant you can wear and get use of. If you are interested in transforming your old unwearable Jewelry into something beautiful you can e-mail me at or you can contact me through my contact form on Bead Dangle Designs Website.  I can remake your ugly Jewelry into pendant and Earrings. Look below at a necklace that I received and transformed into many different pendants.

The necklace you see below was given to me by a dear friend who lost his wife to a tragic illness. He gave me a necklace and asked me to refurbish old jewelry and recreate it into Beaded Pendants, Earrings or whatever I needed to use the beads for. I chose to make Beaded Pendants located in the pictures below. I added a few of my own beads into the design which I normally do because sometimes they need a little more than what is given to me. If you have a necklace or any piece of jewelry I will take it apart, clean it and recreate it into something you can wear everyday. If I have enough beads I can make you matching earrings or even a bracelet. The options are endless. Whatever beads I don't use I'll return to you unless you want me to keep them it's all up to you. I always adjust the price according to how long it takes me but it's never any huge amount and you'll never pay more than what I charge for any other Beaded Pendants you'll only pay less. Lets Refurbish Old Jewelry.

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  • Mechelle

    inam interested in having some stones put into a dangle. Can I get a basic estimate what you charge? Just wanting to see if it is reasonable. Thanks

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