Swarovski Pearl Beaded Pendant Designs

Laura DelVecchio

Swarovski Pearl Beaded Pendant Designs — Created by Bead Dangle Design. Beautiful Handmade Beaded Pendants that Interchange with Chain of your choice. Stainless Steel Chains and Leather Necklaces are available to attach your Beaded Pendant. Bead Dangle Design has been creating Interchangeable jewelry since 2013. I've never had anyone lose a Pendant. The exclusive design is proven. I would never start selling my Beaded Pendants if I ever thought you were going to lose these little pieces of art. Start your collection today of your favorite Beaded Pendants and always check back on the website to see what's new. I'm always creating new Pendants, Bracelets, Earrings and Leather pieces to my Collections. if you check in and see that your favorite Pendant has been sold it's because it was made with Handmade Beads I can no longer get or it's made with beads that are no longer available. Most Pendants that are on my website I can remake as long as the beads are available. Feel free to email me if you have any requests for anything. If I can make something for you I surely will.

Beaded Pendant Attachments are also available if you have a chain you love already. Click here to see how easy it is to slide my Beaded Pendant Attachment to your own Chain. Solid Pewter Attachment allows you to change your necklace everyday. Easily slides on and off your chain for such added versatility. You may also view video here to see for yourself how simple it is to attach your Beaded Pendant.

Many Beaded Pendants are available in my Beaded Pendant Collection.

Here are some of the most popular Swarovski Pearl Beaded Pendants available. Swarovski Pearl Pendants are available in many different styles and colors. Created with Stainless Steel and Tibetan Pewter components. Simply clean with a cleaning cloth.

Below are just a few Swarovski Pearl Beaded Pendant Designs

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