Handmade Glass Bead Artists

HANDMADE GLASS BEAD ARTISTS — If you are a Handmade Glass Bead Artist please send me an email. I would love to see what type of beads your create. I love buying from Handmade Glass Bead Artists. I'm handmade and I support handmade 100%. If you make beautiful handmade glass beads then I want you to get in touch with me. I would love to use your creations to make my own creations. Please use my Contact Form to get in touch with me. I buy beads from all over the world and would love for you to be one of my artists. Shown below are just a few Handmade Glass Beads I have purchased and used to make some beautiful Beaded Pendants.

I do shows every first Sat. of every month at a Handmade Market in Shelton, Ct. It's called Celebrate Shelton. It's a wonderful way to display my designs and it has become a store front for me. Customers know where they can find me if they would love to see my Jewelry in person. For all of you distant fans I do offer a 15% OFF First Time Buyer Coupon because I know how difficult it can be to purchase your Jewelry sight unseen. I can only hope that the pictures do the Jewelry a lot of justice. I'm told all the time that when customers receive there orders in the mail they are shocked at how beautiful the Jewelry is in person. Having said that, if you love the way the picture looks then you will definitely love the product when you receive it at home.

If you are still unsure about purchasing you can have a look at some reviews. I love receiving reviews from people who have purchased from me online. Reviews are a great way to let others who are unsure feel very confident in there purchase. If you do decide to purchase and you love your Jewelry please leave me a review so I can better my products. I would love to know your feelings.

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